Catholic Mass was canceled this morning, Sunday, March 9. Now you would not think much of it under normal circumstances.   You might think that the priest had a problem with his car. Or perhaps the church is focusing on Easter and the large number of people who attend mass during this time of year.


Or we could go back to Sunday, March 2. On that day the priest came to the Atlanta Prison Camp to conduct mass.  Now this is a very low security prison camp.  We have non-violent offenders. Mainly white collar criminals who got caught doing crimes that are tax or business related.  We have some low-level drug dealers here as well.  These are people who are not leaders of any drug gangs or drug kingpins. Just guys caught up in the paranoia created when crack cocaine made its appearance on the streets of America’s major cities in the 1980s.


So the priest shows up at the prison camp to do his normal Sunday mass.  He expects prisoners to worship God, the Father; Jesus the Son; and the Holy Spirit.  What he did not expect was to be treated like a common criminal.  He was forced to be searched like he had violated the law.  The Holy Materials he brought were searched and he had to commit to a search of his personal self.


All of this was conducted by people who do not acknowledge God.  Don’t care for God. They only care for themselves.  The priest was forced to lay his materials on the ground so they could be searched.  He was forced to take off his shoes and he was searched by the guards, who are nothing more than criminals themselves.  This is America 2014 brother.  Welcome to World War II Germany.


This group of “vipers” operates without control. This is Atlanta. They run on their own rules, sanctioned by the Bureau of Prisons. They smile in your face and lie to you.  No one tells them anything.  They are arrogant criminals working for the government.


One more example of this lying group of scum:  This past week an inmate was called to see a prison doctor. The doctor mentioned that the inmate had been sent out to see a specialist. He had some type of tumor, and it needed to be examined.

The doctor was surprised to hear from the inmate that he had not seen anyone.  He had not been sent to a specialist.  However, there was a notation on the computer record that the inmate was seen by someone.   


That inmate was my friend, Mickey Huff.  Because of this mishandling, he lost an eye to glaucoma. He was supposed to see a specialist about this problem when it was diagnosed. He never saw anyone until it was too late.  Now he has a growth or tumor of some sort.  And once again he has not seen anyone.  Yet medical records indicate he has been sent to see a specialist. 


People at the prison smile in your face and lie to you.  So the mistreatment of a priest is not a surprise. Especially when you see what goes on here everyday.  This place reminds me of Andersonville Prison during the days of the Confederacy.



Bernard Addison is serving 46 months at Andersonville South.  You can email him at  Or write him at:

Bernard Addison


FPC-Atlanta; Dorm D

PO Box 150160

Atlanta, GA 30315


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