Holocaust Lessons


I recently had the privilege to speak at an event at the prison in memory of the World War II holocaust. One of the episodes in world history that infuriates me is the Holocaust. The murder of at least 11 million people, with over 6 million being Jews. 

To me the Holocaust is a lesson in evil. The evil that men and governments do. How else can you describe it? Have you seen the film footage of Nazi Germany during this time? The smiling, adoring faces of Germans all giving their allegiance, loyalty, and lives to the Fuhrer? In return he gave them the murder of millions, a second world war and the subsequent destructions and humiliation of Germany. And the lasting shame associated with Hitler’s regime. 

Hitler sold the lie that Germany had lost the World War I because the country was stabbed in the back by the Jews. No proof was needed. Propaganda Director Joseph Goebbels was a master at telling a lie long enough and loud enough that the people would believe it. Especially when all problem information had to be approved by the propaganda office before being disseminated to the public. One message, no dissent. 

The people gave away their rights for security. They did not question. They did not care. They did not take any action. They accepted the lies, the loss of their freedoms, and their rights. They only cared about themselves, their needs, their wants, and desires. And as a result the most despicable acts were committed by Hitler and his henchmen. 

Does it sound like today? The United States federal government spying on its citizens. Listening to our phone calls, reading our emails, opening our mail. The government demanding that financial advisors, your banks, your accountants, and others turn over information abut you. How much money do you make? How did you earn it? Where did you get your assets? If you have a fancy car and your financial advisors see it, you have to explain to him how you were able to afford it.  

And if the answers are not satisfactory to them, they are required by law to turn you in. If they don’t, they face criminal charges. The government is turning what at one time was “free” America into “snitch” America.  

In World War II Germany children were encouraged to inform and spy on their parents. They were to tell “Nazi Party” members if their parents were not following the Nazi line. Neighbors were encouraged and expected to spy on their neighbors and to turn them in if their behavior or actions were un-Nazi like. A great way to create fear, suspicion, and control. 

It’s the same today. Your friends, your neighbors, your financial experts, your business associates can be questioned to see if your actions are American or legal. And if someone thinks they are not, then you can be charged with conspiracy or some other crime. The door has been opened. Courts blindly give them permission to conduct clandestine investigations. Do we complain? No! We want to be safe and secure.  

So what if my calls are being monitored or my phone is tapped? So what if the government monitors my email and internet access? So what if privacy laws are broken or ignored? So what if right-winged corporations buy up our television and radio stations? So what if they preach propaganda to us, claiming it’s news? So what if “our” airwaves are now “their” airwaves? I am safe and secure! So what if their positions or beliefs are the only ones being promoted? 

Preach the lies long enough and loud enough and the masses will believe you. Thank you, Herr Goebbels. No Fairness Doctrine here, it was repealed in the 70s. Now we don’t have the public debate on issues. Now announcers can decide if we are heard or ignored. Say something the announcer does not like and the seven-second delay button is pushed. It’s like you were never there. This helps with the illusion that all callers agree with the announcer, and he or she does not have to defend his or her position. 

All in the name of security, all in the name of controlling America. We happily go along. As long as no one threatens to take my guns, the “heck” with all the other rights I lose. The more we fight each other, hate each other, denigrate each other, the weaker we become.   The more we can be controlled. 

In the 70s the city of Seattle, Washington, had severe financial problems. There was a sign that said, “Will the last person leaving Seattle please turn off the light?” 

I suggest we become more active, more aggressive in getting answers, in questioning authority and in demanding changes. Inaction cannot be an option. Act now or our society will suffer. Just like World War II Germany. Someone said to me recently they have more freedom in Russia than America. Unbelievable. We are becoming what they were: a “police state.” 

If no changes are made, then here is my slogan: “Will the last one leaving America please grab the constitution and the flag?”


Comments can be emailed to bernardaddison@outlook.com. Or mailed to where Bernard Addison is serving a 46-month federal sentence for Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud. 

Bernard Addison
FPC-Atlanta; Dorm D
P.O. Box 150160
Atlanta, GA 30315


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