Everyone Suffers. (Hey, Not Me!)

Here I am locked up in the Federal Prison Camp in Atlanta, Ga. My crime: Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud.

Now work camps are more relaxed. It’s dormitory style with 50 to 80 inmates housed in each dorm. We have eight dorms in Atlanta, dorms A through H.

At the camp inmates are assigned, whenever possible, to work details. You may spend four to six hours a day working in the kitchen or cleaning the dorm areas. When you are not working, you can roam around the camp. You can go to the Leisure Library, the Law Library, walk or run around the track for exercise, or you can work out in the weight area.

If you don’t like doing any of the above things, you can stay in the dorm and watch television all day. However, on this day we are confined to the dorms all day. Why? Because some dopes took the “free weight” from the recreation area. Why? I don’t know. Who took them? I have no idea. After the offenders ignored repeated requests to return the “free weights,” the camp Officer in Charge locked down the camp. No outside activity, no TV watching. 

This is going to figuratively kill those inmates who love watching television. To them no TV is like a death sentence. Each day these inmates sit starring at the televisons, all six of them. It’s as if they are hypnotized. 

You have your sports nuts who watch sports programming all day. There are the news hounds who sit and watch local and national news all day. Then there are the garbage viewers. They sit and watch violent programs, sleazy shows, garbage talk shows, and anything else that gags you. 

When I arrived at the camp on April 3rd, I entered our dorm recreation area to watch TV. I quickly learned the ropes. There are cliques of inmates who watch and reserve the TVs.  A newbie like me did not have a chance. Try to change the TV set from one channel to another and you will hear, “Hey, we are watching that show.” The cliques have people stationed in front of the TVs all day long. 

But not today. The TV show for today is dark screen. TVs are off. There is nothing more ferocious than a TV addict on forced detoxification. So whoever took those “free weights,” beware. They could have bad things happen to them in the future. 

Me, I don’t care if they ever turn them on. There is nothing on TV that I want to see anyway. I am just laying low, serving time and keeping a low profile.

Bernard Addison is serving 46 months for Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud. Questions or comments can be sent to:

Bernard Addison/ 44863-074/ FPC-Atlanta; Dorm D/ P.O. Box 150160/ Atlanta, GA 30315


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